Todd Garner judges Big Break script competition for

SCRIPT: What are you looking for in a winning script?

TODD GARNER: The idea is king. If you can’t distill your movie into 30 seconds or less, no matter what the artist feels or how interesting it is to him or her, the story is too complicated. I may love and I may do everything I can to get it made, but ultimately you have to convince the people who are going to come and see your movie in 30 seconds or less, to come and see your movie. Movies are a huge expense, and they require the work of a great marketing team to sell them. The easier it is to summarize the story, the easier it will be to sell it. After that, it’s up to your talents as a writer to make that idea as great as you possibly can.

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Sony is making it clear it wants to be in the Kevin James business, with Columbia Pictures wrapping up a pact to move forward with “Here Comes the Boom,” an action comedy that the thesp will star in and produce with comedy collaborator Adam Sandler and producer Todd Garner.

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