Kevin James And Adam Sandler Drive Nick Bakay Laugher ‘Valet Guys’ For Sony

Sony Pictures Entertainment has made a preemptive deal for Valet Guys, a feature pitch from a potential vehicle for

Adam Sandler and Kevin James to play veteran valet parking guys at a South Beach hotel who witness a murder and find themselves running for their lives. The  pitch went for mid-six against seven-figures. Bakay and James will write it together.

Bakay’s collaborations with James goes back to being producer of King of Queens, and more recently co-writing Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Zookeeper, which will be released by SPE next summer. The comedy will be a co-production between James’ Hey Eddie, Todd Garner’s Broken Road and Happy Madison, the three companies producing Zookeeper.

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ABC Developing ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Series With Catherine Hardwicke Possibly Directing

EXCLUSIVE: After ordering contemporary versions of Romeo & Juliet set in New York and Chicago the last two pilot seasons, ABC is going for the real thing this year, picking up for development a retelling of William Shakespeare’s classic tale set in Renaissance Verona. Catherine Hardwicke, who directed the feature adaptation of another story about star-crossed lovers belonging to clans that are at odds with each other, Twilight, is in talks to direct the potential Romeo & Juliet pilot in what would mark her TV directorial debut. Feature producers Todd Garner (Paul Blart: Mall Cop, the upcoming The Zookeeper) and Wyck Godfrey  & Marty Bowen (the Twilight franchise, Dear John) are behind the series adaptation, which is being written by World Trade Center scribe Andrea Berloff. Romeo & Juliet, which is produced by ABC Studios, follows the famous love story while also pealing away the curtain on the impetuous, incestuous, bloody and violent relationships during the Renaissance in Verona. In addition to Garner, Godfrey and Bowen, Sean Robin will also executive produce the project.

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Kevin James To Star In Mixed Martial Arts Film

“Mall cop Paul Blart, better known as Kevin James, is trading in his security uniform for boxing trunks. The actor is all set to go another round with Sony — after “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” “Grown-Ups” and 2011’s “The Zookeeper” — for a mixed martial arts movie.”

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Katie Holmes to join Adam Sandler film

Katie Holmes is in talks to star opposite Adam Sandler and Al Pacino in “Jack and Jill,” a Columbia comedy being directed by Dennis Dugan.

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Comedy Guru Chris Fenton Gives Secrets to What He Looks for in a Script

“For Big Break (Screenwriting Contest), Todd Garner is extremely successful and well connected. If he reads something you like, you’re on the way. There are a lot of off the radar contests out there too, that might have somebody not even at Todd Garner’s assistant’s level, but they might have somebody that knows somebody that’s in the business. If they think your material is fantastic, they are going to try to move their career forward by making you move forward. Any connection you can get to somebody noticing your talent as a wrier. Big Break is a fantastic opportunity to get noticed, and probably one of the best when it comes to the contest world, but it shouldn’t be the only method of trying to get noticed. Writers should compliment that with networking, honing their craft and getting as good as possible.”

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Todd Garner judges Big Break script competition for

SCRIPT: What are you looking for in a winning script?

TODD GARNER: The idea is king. If you can’t distill your movie into 30 seconds or less, no matter what the artist feels or how interesting it is to him or her, the story is too complicated. I may love and I may do everything I can to get it made, but ultimately you have to convince the people who are going to come and see your movie in 30 seconds or less, to come and see your movie. Movies are a huge expense, and they require the work of a great marketing team to sell them. The easier it is to summarize the story, the easier it will be to sell it. After that, it’s up to your talents as a writer to make that idea as great as you possibly can.

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The Stars of Knight and Day

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